101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation is a book by internationally renowned crystal expert Judy Hall. Though published in 2011, the book is still a best seller and a reference for professionals, experts and healers who use authentic crystals for the healing, protective & transformational powers possessed by them.

As the name signifies, the book reveals the secrets to 101 crystals with genuine and stunning photography - including guidance on how to harness the goodness of each crystal. Published by Fair Winds Press, Judy Hall has summarized how to choose, purify, activate and maintain the power of a crystal in the 224 pages of the book.

The book features chakra diagram, glossary, alphabetical listing of 101 crystals, high quality photo of each crystal with breathtaking details, historical significance, chakra & physiological correspondences, vibrations, legendary powers, healing powers & transformational powers with details on how to harness each power for yourself.

Another thanks to Judy for including rare and recently discovered crystals and semi-precious stones such as Aurora Quartz, Que Sera, Trigonic Quartz and Preseli Bluestone. A total of 101 crystals for Love, Good Health, Protection, Abundance, Longevity and Justice have been covered.

A turquoise given by a loving hand carries with it happiness and good fortune.

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The Power of Longevity: Agate

- Chakra correspondences: Varies according to color and type; stabilizes and cleanses all chakras

- Physiological correspondences: Skin, eyes, lymphatic system and fluid balance, uterus, stomach and digestive processes, blood vessels, pancreas, skin, emotional balance, mental concentration

- Vibration: Earthy

Legendary Power

Agate symbolizes wealth, health, and longevity. In Mesopotamia, Agates were engraved as seal stones (symbols of power and authority). Pliny wrote that the Romans used the stone to make mortar and pestles with which to grind medicines.

Agate supports life in difficult circumstances, keeping the soul from harm. Legend said that eagles carried Agates to their nests to protect their young from snakebites, so early people wore Agate amulets to guard against the venomous bites of spiders or scorpions. In China, Agate was believed to be the solidified blood of the ancestors. In India and North Africa, red Agates were thought to contain the blood of demons and thus afforded protection against evil spirits.

Agate is associated with Archangel Michael and the Shekinah, the divine feminine and merciful Queen of Heaven who rules karmic release, wholeness, and blessings. Almost certainly in the biblical Breastplate of the High Priest, Agate would have been the eighth stone, connecting it to Scorpio.

Healing Power

Travelers in the Arabian and African deserts sucked Agates to overcome the effects of thirst. In the Middle Ages, the stones were used to heal dropsy and fever, relieve insomnia, firm the gums, and prevent epilepsy in children. Today, crystal workers harness Agate’s power to bring stability to the physical body and aura, cleanse the lymphatic system, and regulate fluid balance. The stone assists emotional healing and strengthens mental concentration.

Transformational Power

Agate puts you in touch with your inner self. Its power lies in its ability to transmute dark, toxic emotions such as jealousy, bitterness, and resentment, which have a psychosomatic effect on the body, creating disease in the heart and unrest in the soul. Due to its powerful cleansing effect, Agate helps you assimilate challenging life experiences and recognize the spiritual gifts they offer. By promoting self-acceptance and forgiveness, Agate increases receptivity to spiritual currents in your life. Carrying an Agate stimulates courage to start again and encourages you to hold fast to your own truth. It helps you recognize your eternal nature and the oneness of all things.

Although some Agates feature brilliant colors, these effects are created by humans, not nature. The raw stones are heated with minerals, such as iron, to turn dull slices of rock into rainbows of color. Agate reminds us that no matter how base the material we start with, it can be tempered and transformed by spiritual alchemy.