Each mala is a journey. It’s time you embark on a journey of your own.

Awaken Your Kundalini is a product of my journey of spiritual awakening. Om Namo Namaste :)) At a very young age, I was intrigued by Meditation and the Yogic and Spiritual essence of mala beads. As life progressed my tryst with Meditation dwindled and I — like most others- became entwined in the daily grind of family and work.

It was only after facing a mid-life crisis that I starting seeking out solace in my past. I tried everything: I traveled, I spoke with people, I stopped speaking with people, I read, watched shows promising enlightenment. Nothing helped. Was I looking for something that was beyond my reach? It turned out that my solace was in something I had been seeing each day of my life.

After working in one of the largest cancer research institutes in the world (Harvard Medical School) for over 15 years as a Research Administrative Director, I had become accustomed to seeing loss and pain. Each day I saw people seeking positivity and strength in the smallest of things for their loved ones. And every day I thought, how could I help in keeping the faith alive? That is how Awaken Your Kundalini came into being. Every mala we string is a product of our faith and belief. I have come to realize that there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome with FAITH. With each knot of a mala, our priests chant Vedic mantras and purify & energize the authentic stones. We do this to all our malas (necklaces) only because we want all good energies to be assimilated into every single bead.

I'm a father of two beautiful daughters. I follow our old saying in Sanskrit "SARVE SANTU SUKHINA, SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYA". This means I pray to God that may ALL be happy and ALL be free of all kinds of diseases, whether internal or external. Keeping this motto in mind, I choose the authentic stones and make the malas and bracelets with good vibes for the person who wears them.

If someone leaves a note that something is going wrong in their life, I make sure to inform my team when they make the mala for that person. I pray to the Almighty for help and blessings. My wife and I discuss the metaphysical qualities of different stones and try and make combinations to benefit you the most. We both read a lot about stones and their healing abilities and have seen them working. You can always request for your Zodiac combos and we will be happy to make it according to your Birth sign, putting together the rarest combinations together.

My parents, my wife, now my daughters — they all believe in it. So do millions around the world. I always knew of the power. That’s when I decided I’ll channelize all my energy into creating something so positive. Awaken Your Kundalini is a collection of prayer beads and malas that I make myself, with the purest of beads procured from India, Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Brazil, Africa with the hope that each mala does good unto whoever wears it.

I'll leave you with a something my mother used to say, "Do what is not just fruitful for you, but something that would also benefit others in every step you take."

I hope every bead from my Awaken Your Kundalini brings you inner peace and harmony.

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.



Co-founder, Awaken Your Kundalini

(The featured image showcases the Ctirine mala, or necklace, for Abundance.)