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Constellation Zodiac Sign Flat Round Glass Pendant Necklaces, with Alloy Chains, Antique Bronze, 18"

The 12 signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. People believe that different signs of the zodiac present different characteristics and talents.

ARIES; March 21-April 19

Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac. The modality for Aries is cardinal and its element is fire. The Sun is in Aries from approximately March 21st to April 20th. Aries people are quick to start things. They are impulsive, headstrong and impatient. They make decisions quickly, and have a lot of enthusiasm. The keyphrase for Aries is I AM. Aries is concerned with self, and survival of self. Arians love a challenge.

TAURUS; April20 - May 20
The 2nd sign of the zodiac. The modality for Taurus is fixed and its element is earth. The Sun is in Taurus from approximately April 21st to May 21st. The keyphrase for Taurus is I HAVE. Taureans collect possessions and like a lot of security and stability in their lives. Unlike Aries, Taurus is slow to start things, but is steady, determined, deliberate, sometimes stubborn, and a lot more likely to finish something that Aries may have started but not completed. Taureans don’t like to be hurried or pushed around. They enjoy the pleasures of life, and can be quite self indulgent at times.

Gemini; May 21- June 20

The 3rd sign of the zodiac. The modality for Gemini is mutable and its element is air. The Sun is in Gemini from approximately May 22nd to June 21st. Gemini‘s keyphrase is I THINK. Gemini is the sign of the twins, and Gemini can be many different people at once. As a man I know once said of his Gemini wife: “I am never sure of who I will wake up with the next morning”. Gemini’s tend to change moods and personalities often. They are usually quick and intelligent, and very versatile. Gemini rules the conscious mind, which tends to be very changeable.

Cancer; June21- July 22

The 4th sign of the zodiac. The modality for Cancer is cardinal and its element is water.The Sun is in Cancer from approximately June 22nd to July 22nd. Cancer‘s keyphrase is I FEEL. Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. As Cancer is the sign of motherhood, the Cancerian person’s parents, especially the mother, and the home and family are very important to him or her. Cancerians are very moody people. And also very sympathetic, protective and nurturing. Their minds are strongly influenced by their feelings.

LEO; July 23- August 22

The 5th sign of the zodiac. The modality for Leo is fixed and its element is fire. The Sun is in Leo from approximately July 23th to August 22nd. The Leo keyphrase is I WILL. Leo’s are strong, bold and courageous. They are usually warm, sunny, funloving and generous people. Leo’s often choose the wrong partner and end up with a broken heart. But they always survive, and bounce back to love again. Leo is the sign of Kings and Queens, and they are proud, dignified, confident people. Leo’s symbol is the lion, which is the king of the animal kingdom.

VIRGO; August 23- September22

The 6th sign of the zodiac. The modality for Virgo is mutable and its element is earth. The Sun is in Virgo from approximately August 23rd to September 23rd. The Virgo keyphrase is I PERFECT. Virgo’s are precise, very analytical and usually quite sharp mentally. They sometimes overload their minds with worry and stress in trying to attain perfection and by focusing on too many details. But they are usually hard workers, and tend to do a job properly. Virgo’s often have healing skills, and an ability with health foods and nutrition. Because they criticize themselves too much, they often criticize others also. But they are systematic, logical, down to earth people with many practical skills.

LIBRA; September 23- October 22

The 7th sign of the zodiac. The modality for Libra is cardinal and its element is air. The Sun is in Libra from approximately September 24 to October 23rd. Libra‘s keyphrase is I BALANCE. Librans strive to be fair, and try to maintain a harmonious balance amongst other people, and within their own lives. They are diplomatic, friendly, and good at forming relationships with all sorts of people. They have an appreciation of the arts and culture. They love the luxuries of life – so much so that they are sometimes quite self-indulgent. Libran’s have a strong sense of justice, and expect themselves and others to be treated fairly.

SCORPIO; October 23- November 21

The 8th sign of the zodiac. The modality for Scorpio is fixed and its element is water. The Sun is in Scorpio from approximately October 24 to November 22. Scorpio is the most intense sign in the zodiac. The keyphrase for Scorpio is I DESIRE. Scorpio’s are always deep, and often secretive. They feel the events of life very intensely. They tend to build a strong shield of defense because they are so sensitive underneath, but don’t like to show this “weakness” on the surface of their personalities. They tend to seek revenge on anyone that has hurt them until they learn to transform their personalities and use their power in a spiritual way. They may travel to hell and back before achieving this. Scorpio rules Birth, Death, Sexuality, Regeneration and Recycling.

SAGGITARIUS; November 22- December 21

The 9th sign of the zodiac. The modality for Sagittarius is mutable and its element is fire. The Sun is in Sagittarius from approximately November 23rd to December 21. The Sagittarian keyphrase is I SEE. Sagittarians like to understand the truth about life, and pursue this truth physically through overseas travel, and mentally by studying different ideas and philosophies. Sagittarians don’t like too many boundaries or restrictions in life, and insist on personal freedom. Sagittarians are usually open and honest. But sometimes they fail to practise what they preach, or perhaps make promises that they don’t keep. This of course all depends on their level of personal spiritual development. They are generally goodhearted, generous people. Sagittarians are optimistic, and tend to create their own “good luck”.

CAPRICORN; December 22- January 19

The 10th sign of the zodiac. The modality for Capricorn is cardinal and its element is earth. The Sun is in Capricorn from approximately December 22 to January 20. The Capricorn keyphrase is I USE. They are practical people who are good at making the most of the resources that are available around them. They are serious and ambitious people, but tend to come up against hardships, boundaries, limitations and restrictions in life. Yet, their perseverance gets them through many obstacles, and they learn many valuable lessons on the journey. Capricorns may end up teaching their wisdom to others in later life. They are good organisers, and work hard for their successes in life. They are able to carry a lot of responsibility.

AQUARUIS; January 20- Feburary 18

The 11th sign of the zodiac. The modality for Aquarius is fixed and its element is air. The Sun is in Aquarius from approximately January 21st to February 19th. The Aquarian keywords are I KNOW. Aquarians receive intuitive insights about the future, and therefore may seem odd or out of place within current society, as they tend to follow their own vision rather than the prevailing trends within society. Aquarians love knowledge, analyzing, and using their minds, but sometimes need to develop their emotional natures a little more. Aquarians often rebel against convention in order to maintain their individuality, but at the same time they have a lot of love for the group as a whole. The Aquarian symbol is the water carrier – Aquarians fill their water jugs up with spiritual knowledge, and then share what they have found with people by pouring their knowledge out over all of humanity. Aquarians are always looking for more freedom than society currently has to offer.

PISCES; February 19-March 20

The 12th sign of the zodiac. The modality for Pisces is mutable and its element is water. The Sun is in Pisces from approximately February 20 to March 20. The keyphrase for Pisces is I BELIEVE. Pisceans tend to have a lot of faith, and plenty of compassion. This is the last sign of the zodiac, and Pisces is made up of the previous eleven signs that came before it. Pisceans can relate to all sorts of people and their problems, as if they have already been through all of these lessons. Pisces is the sign of universal love, and Pisceans can be very loving in an unconditional way. A negative expression of Pisces energy is indulging in drink, drugs, and feeling sorry for oneself. Positive Piscean expressions are forgiveness, developing a deep spirituality, and demonstrating universal compassion and love for others. Pisceans are quite psychic, and often experience E.S.P., or vivid dreams. Pisces is a very creative and often artistic sign. And so ends our brief tour of the zodiac.


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