crystal healing for varicose veins spider veins mala beads necklace self care healing crystals necklace the cure custom made dainty necklace


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Awaken your kundalini

Energized and Blessed crystal healing for varicose veins spider veins mala beads necklace self care healing crystals necklace the cure custom made dainty necklace

Varicose veins are not exclusive to legs and can occur on various parts of the body. The most effective natural remedy to get rid of varicose veins is by using gemstone with a polished surface to prevent it hurting your vulnerable veins. Tape the right crystals onto your painful areas after programming your sacral chakra as well as the heart chakra. These crystals activate the heart chakra energies for circulation and kundalini energy to flush out toxins from your bloodstream.

Rose Quartz

An excellent healing crystal to heal problems of blood circulation to heart problems, Rose Quartz improves the flow of blood in varicose patients. It is excellent as an anklet as it also activates the kundalini energy in the wearer.

Since ancient times, Rose Quartz was revered as an excellent crystal to heal impurities of the blood too.

· Carnelian

A bright red stone that was renowned to be purified by the blood of martyrs and heavenly wars, Carnelian is a recovery stone. Wearing carnelian as a crystal patch improves the health of your lower organs as it is a Sacral chakra crystal.

Carnelian also improves metabolism and ejects toxins from your twisted varicose veins in a jiffy! Carnelian also catalyzes the production of new blood cells and cures several other blood disorders.

· Sunstone

A nurturing stone that relieves excruciating pain in legs of people suffering from varicose veins, Sunstone is a precious rock vital to medicines. Earlier centuries saw Sunstone being used for miracle works as it activates the Higher Heart Chakras.

Sunstone effectively cleanses your blood vessels and stabilizes the thickness to its density. Sunstone is exceptionally powerful against most blood disorders including the serious ailment called leukemia.

· Black Tourmaline

Amongst the tourmaline crystals, dark black tourmaline such as a Schorl is a gemstone that guards the wearer against negativity by activating the base chakra at first. Renowned as an important rock of Wiccan Healing Practices, Black Tourmaline must be massaged for a quick recovery from varicose veins. Black tourmaline is a complete stone that can align multiple chakras too.

Black Tourmaline also resolves joint pains and repels earth demons, which are also a constant pest to blood disorders according to legends and anecdotes.

· Citrine

Yet another miracle rock with supernatural powers, citrine is a recovery stone that pulls down inflammations of blood vessels on your varicose infected veins. Citrine stone also boosts your energy, metabolism, and immunity. As varicosity takes a heavy toll on the physique, make sure you keep a citrine stone close to your sacral chakra at all times.

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Obsidian is a stone of inner-reflection, truth, & growth. It takes you deep into the subconscious mind, forcing you to face your true self, your shadow side. It magnifies inner negative energies so that they can be fully experienced & then released. This 'putting to rest' of the past helps to encourage new growth of the soul. This healing goes all the way into past lives, if necessary, & affects all levels of our being.

With Obsidian, it is possible to manifest spiritual energies on Earth. This is because Obsidian grounds spiritual energies into the physical plane, & helps align them with the conscious will. It teaches that empowerment has nothing to do with personal power, but everything to do with channeling power for the good of all.

Obsidian is a protective stone. It forms a shield against external negativity & absorbs negative energies from within the environment. It provides strength in times of need, blocks psychic attack, & chases away negative spiritual influences.

Physically, Obsidian helps reveal the cause of disease. It detoxifies & dissolves blockages & tension in the physical & subtle bodies, including hardened arteries. It aids circulation & promotes physical digestion. It reduces the pain of arthritis, joint problems, cramps, & random injuries. It is also known to shrink an enlarged prostate.

Snowflake Obsidian

Any black gemstone will absorb negativity - but not all black gemstones will then turn the negativity into thoughts of purity. Because Snowflake Obsidian has both the 'black' and the 'white' - this is where we get the polarity of the 'pulling in of the negative......and the turning the thoughts around to purity'........ It forces us to recognize those ingrained patterns of behavior. It teaches us to value our mistakes and to help us see sometimes how those 'mistakes' were necessary in order for us to move forward in life.

Snowflake Obsidian is a gift from Mother Earth that most are unaware of. This gem enables one overall to function better in life. Its energy aligns one's core creating a sturdy foundation.

Snowflake Obsidian through its alignment of one's core supports the organs to function efficiently. This gem accomplishes this by using its clearing aspect to restore the organs' natural state. With longer use the same clearing and restorative effects can be seen within the bloodstream.

On a physical level, one can see the effects through weight loss. In very general terms the organs and bloodstream are designed to take in what is needed and discard what is not. After a time one tends to take in more than what is needed and this starts to block/overload and then is stored as fat. Snowflake Obsidian helps to boost the discarding features of the organs and bloodstream giving an added push to move things out.

Snowflake Obsidian also circulates the higher energies/frequencies one has taken in throughout the body - all the way to the toes. This circulation enables one to integrate these (higher energies/frequencies) so they may be utilized in a supportive form. On a physical level, one can see improvement in leg circulation, in varicose veins and even in relieving pain and discomfort associated with these.

Snowflake Obsidian offers many supportive features to the physical being in the translation and integration of higher energies and frequencies coming to Earth. It offers a stable ground and a wonderful counterbalance for those known as lightworkers.


Wear or carry Bloodstone as an amulet of protection against threats or bullying, whether verbal or physical, and for guidance to withdraw when appropriate and the courage to confront when needed. Sew a small Bloodstone in the coat of a child or teenager who is being bullied. Carry one for strength when adjusting to new circumstances.Bloodstone stimulates dreaming and heightens intuition. It is marvelous for increasing creativity and cultivating a project from the idea stage through to actualization. It encourages blessings and prosperity. Working with Bloodstone invigorates the system, boosting energy levels and increasing endurance in physical activity. Bloodstone may be used to boost the immune system and to purify the blood, spleen, liver, kidneys, bladder, and intestines, neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body. It benefits blood-rich organs, regulates and stimulates blood flow, and aids circulation. It is conducive to healthy bone marrow and may be used in the treatments of blood disorders such as anemia, leukemia, tumors, acute infections, and over acidification. Associated with birth and birthing processes, Bloodstone is a great ally stone for women during the childbearing years. It stimulates nutrient-rich blood and hormonal balance, and is thought to help prevent miscarriages. It assists in easing the birthing process, providing strength during labor and supportive vibrations so the baby travels easily through the birth canal. It is also believed to alleviate symptoms of PMS and menstrual disorders, and to stabilize hormones through menopause.
It provides emotional support during times of extreme adversity, and helps those who have been bullied or abandoned by others to regain their connection to the Divine, letting them know that loneliness and isolation are mere illusion. Bloodstone teaches that chaos often precedes transformation and guides one in knowing when it is appropriate to strategically withdraw from situations, and when flexibility and taking right action will help one remain true to one’s own path. Bloodstone calms the emotional body, dispels confusion and enhances decision-making, nourishing feelings of worth, self-confidence and self-sufficiency.For those who are seriously ill, Bloodstone is an excellent talisman for facing the realities of physical mortality and death. Its powers of strength and courage allow one to look unflinchingly at the truth, even if the illness cannot be cured, and to move forward in the most appropriate ways. One of its most important uses has been to gain admittance to the spiritual realms of the ancestors for healing the ancestral line. By dispelling negative patterns it allows one to live in the present untrammeled by the past.


Hematite magical properties mainly tie with its ability to benefit the human circulatory system. Lithotherapists use this stone for:

Treatment of blood diseases, blockage of blood vessels, anemia, varicose veins; acceleration of wound healing, stopping bleeding, normalizing blood pressure, increasing hemoglobin levels.
Removal of inflammation of the urogenital system, treatment of cystitis, prostatitis, urolithiasis;
Exacerbations of hearing and sight;
Restoring women’s health, alleviating menstrual pain, normalizing the cycle and hormonal background;
Stimulation of sexual energy. #AwakenYourKundalini#AwakenYourKundalini

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